QWhat is the normal check in /check out time?
ACheck in : 15:00 p.m.
Check out : 11:00 a.m.
QIs early check-in possible?
ANo, it is not. Check-in starts at 15:00, but our luggage storage service is available anytime before that time.
QIs late check-out possible?
AIf you wish to extend the check-out time, please let our reception know.It is possible to extend the check-out till 12:00 Noon with 1,000 yen. An additional fee equal to the full room rate will be charged for checking-out after 12:00.
QWhen is the start date for reservation ?
AReservations are open on the 1st day of 5 months in advance.
Ex) Reservation for January (1/1-1/31) will start 1st August.
※Please note that there may be some changes for reservation opening time under some circumstances.
QWhat is your cancellation policy?
ABelow is the hotel's official cancellation policy:
- No-show: reservation charge100%
- On the date of arrival: reservation charge100%
- One day prior to arrival: reservation charge50%
- 2 days prior to arrival~: reservation charge20%
*Certain policies may differ depending on one's night of stay
QHow many floors are high floor?
AIf you reserve certain room types for higher floor , we gurantee to allocate you on above 10th floor. If you reserve other room types, we cannot receive request of higher floor.
QIs it possible to store our luggage before our check-in ?
AYes, it is. Our reception is open for 24 hours, so we are happy to store your luggage.
QCan we store our luggage after check out?
AAs a general rule, we can store your luggage only on your check-out day till you are ready to leave the city, If you have another reservation and you are returning to our hotel within 3 days, we can also store your luggaue before your next check in. Sometimes we might not be able to store all your luggage as we have limited space for storage, We appreciate your understanding in advance.
QDo you have day-use plan?
AWe are sorry, but our hotel does not have day-use plan. Even if you check out before midnight, one day acommodation fee is applied.


QCould you tell me how to get the hotel from Haneda Airport?
1) Haneda Airport →[Keihin Kyuko Line] Shinagawa station.
2) Shinagawa station →[JR Yamanote Line] Shinjuku station.
3) [Toei Shinjuku Line] Shinjuku-sanchome station. (Exit.7)
3) 8 minutes walk from the station to our hotel.

1) Haneda airport to Shinjuku station by haneda airport limosine bus.
2) Shinjuku station →[Toei Shinjuku Line] Shinjuku-Sanchome station. (Exit.7)
3) 8 minutes walk to our hotel.
QCould you tell me how to get the hotel from Nartita Airport?
1) Narita Airport → [Narita Express] Shinjuku station.
2) Shinjuku station→[Toei Shinjuku Line] Shinjuku-Sanchome station. (Exit.7)
3) 8 minutes walk from the station to our hotel or you can take a taxi from Shinjuku station to us. (It costs around 1000JPY.)

1) Narita airport to Shinjuku station by Narita airport limosine bus.
2) Shinjuku station →[Toei Shinjuku Line] Shinjuku-Sanchome station. (Exit.7)
3) 8 minutes walk to our hotel.
QWhat is the closest train station to the hotel, and how do we get to the hotel from there?
AShinjuku 3 chome station'(Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line) is the closest station to our hotel. After arriving at the station, take Exit C7 and walk straight on Route 305 toward ISETAN BEAUTY PARK 1. Turn right at the corner where the convinience store LAWSON is located and keep walking for about 5 minutes. You will find our hotel on the right hand side.
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QHow long does it take from Shinjuku station to the hotel?
AIt takes about 16 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit.
QDoes the hotel have any parking lots?
AWe are sorry, but our hotel does not have any parking lots. There are some pay parking lots around our hotel.


QHow much is the breakfast and what types of food ?
AJapanese-set breakfast is available at 1,800 yen / meal.
Time: 07:00-09:30 (The last entry time)
QWhen is the opening time for Onsen (the hotel public bath)?
AOur onsen is open at the following time;
① From 15:00 p.m.~02:00 a.m.(Last Entry 01:45 a.m.)
② From 06:00 a.m.~10:00 a.m.
QWe are not staying at the hotel but can we use the hotel public bath?
AThe onsen is only for in-house guests. Please also note that the onsen cannot be used before your check-in and after your check-out.
QAre we allowed to use the hotel pulic bath?
AYes, it is possible to take the onsen as long as tattoos are covered. Tattoo-coverstickers are sold at 200 JPY (approx.15cm×10cm/sticker)at our reception .
QIs the hotel handicapped accessible?
AOur hotel is not handicapped accessible in that there are a few steps at the entrance of all the rooms, and some little steps inside the rooms in the main building.
QDo you hae safety box in the rooms?
AWe do not have safety box in the rooms, but in the female and male changing room of Onsen on the 18th floor, there are valuable lockers. If you wish, you can leave your valuable items at the recepition.
QDo you have a laundry service?
AWe do not have laundry service.
QDo you have any washing machines in your hotel?
AThere are two washing machines and tumble dryers on 5F, 10F and 15F.
QDo you have any smoking room or smoking areas in the hotel?
AAll our hotel rooms are non-smoking, but we have a smoking area on the ground floor.
QWhat are the hotel amenities?
AYukata (Japanese robes), tooth brush, hairbrush, razor, cotton swab are provided in your room. For ladies, face lotion, moisturizer, face wash, cotton and hair rubber are provided at the female Onsen's changing room.
QWhat are the sizes of Yukata(Japanese robes)?
AThere are M and L size Yukata(Japanese robes) in the rooms,
If you prefer S or LL size, please inform our receptionist upon check in.
QI am allergic to feather. Do you have any feather-free duvets and pillows?
AYes, we have. If you need them, please let us know in advance as the number of these items is limited.
QDo you rent bikes?
ABicycle rental service is not available. We recommend rental bicycle at INBOUND LEAGUE which is 3 minutes walk from the hotel.
QHow old can a child sleep in the same bed as an adult without any charges?
AChildren age 5 and younger can stay for free of charge. (Children age 6 and older will be charged the same amount as adults)
QWhats are the amenites for children?
AWe do not have amenities for children. If you wish, we provide you amenities for adults.
QDo you provide a baby bed in the room?
AWe do not have baby-bed to lend.
QDo you have any breakfast for children?
AWe do not have any special breakfast menu for children. When an adult has breakfast, your child can get free Miso soup and a bowl of rice.
QAre any baby chairs available at the restaurant in your hotel?
AYes,If you need, please let us know in advance as we have limited number of baby chairs.
QCan we invite our friends to guest room’s floor?
AFor the security, we are afraid that we are not able to allow non guest to be in guest room’s floor.


QIs room service available?
AWe do not have room service at our hotel. Please use our restaurnat Kakatojyo to enjoy meals.
QIs massage or esthetic salon available?
AThere is no massage and estethic salon neither in the hotel nor around the neighborhood.
QIs there any speacial arrangement for anniversary?
AFor those who reserve our Restautant Kakatojyo (夏下冬上), a whole cake can be arranged at 2,000yen extra charge (12cm in diameter). Please order the cake by 3 days before the reservation date.
QDo you have any special service for anniversary?
AGuests those who reserve our Restautant Kakatojyo (夏下冬上) can order a whole cake (12cm) and a fruit plate with 2,000yen each. The size of the cake and the fruit plate is for two people, so there will be 500yen extra charge for each extra person. Please order it by 3 days before the reservation date.
Ex) A cake or a fruit plate for 4 people is 3,000yen.
QCan I send a box that I purchased online to the hotel?
AYes. Paid items only. When you send, please make sure to write the below details on the delivery slip.
・Full name of the reservation
・Check in date
If these information is not provided, we will not receive the item you sent.
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